Motor City ATV

R2 in-frame CHROME pipes and silencers

Price: $699.99

Introducing the newest creation for your high-performance Banshee: R2  pipes
The R2 pipes are the next generation exhaust pipe
Super high-revving pipe that out-powers all other aftermarket pipes
Ultimate top end, without sacrificing all the low end grunt
These come on strong, and don’t let up until you let off the gas
Complete with pre-packed aluminum silencers (repackable)
Triple show-quality chrome plating
Built in o-rings to make a no-leak seal between the headpipes, stinger tubes, and silencers
Redesigned silencers, with polished end caps for a very trick-looking setup!
Redesigned chambers to allow easier access to spark plugs and fuel petcock
One of the few Banshee pipes that will clear the power valves on an RZ350 motor
They will also fit on Cheetah, Cub, or T-Rex motors with no problems
Designed, manufacturer, and chromed in the USA!



Motor City ATV